The Guild

Alignment: Neutral Good
Alignments: LG/NG/CG/TN
Purpose: Settlement development, protection of our own and a campaign against banditry.
Player Roles Accepted: All
Pre-Game History: The Magistry has been around in some incarnation or another for 18 years, and we continue to play with old and new faces in a multitude of game universes. We like to create tight knit communities and encourage cliques and subgroups within our ranks.

Ideology: The Magistry in Pathfinder Online will have a focus on cooperative play within our ranks, and a unified front against banditry. I want to make sure we’re honest about what we’re expecting to do within the game, and what our members will likely be doing. Many companies will advertise themselves as new player friendly and pad their numbers as best they can but that’s just not our goal. We are certainly friendly to new players, but we aren’t JUST looking to increase our numbers. We want long term players, old or new that want to be part of a greater organization while still able to work individually. We’re a kind group, and great people, but I can’t promise that our membership will be the first to jump up when someone says “Can someone help me with X”. Instead we’d like to see new members that take an active part in the things already going on in our community, being helpful and friendly, and cultivating long term friendships that will help them accomplish their own ambitions. We intend to work together to develop a settlement, part of a settlement or part of multiple settlements. We intend to protect our own, and stand up for each other. We will actively participate in eradicating bandits from our local area, but will likely stay out of the politics of other nations. If you want to stand up for the world at large there are certainly other great Neutral Good organizations. If you want to be part of an organization that takes care of its own people, will actively work toward community development, and will put the safety of its people before the politics of other nations then we might be a fantastic fit.

Who Should Join The Magistry?: The Magistry is an ideal organization for those that want to be a part of something that’s more like a family than a community, but still has efficiency and productivity in mind. We intend to be neutral good, with more of a lawful leaning than a chaotic one. The religious outlook section of our webpage should give players a better idea of our in-game ideals and who best fits within our ranks. We intend to have more of a focus on Arcane/Martial than anything else but we have a healthy appreciation for the divine and will have many divine members. Nature/Wilderness oriented characters will probably be the most neglected (though not turned away) simply because of our focus on arcane/martial for settlement development. The settlement we will be a part of at release (Talonguard) has already begun discussions with other settlements to work out the logistics of cross-training so that all class training will eventually be available.

Our Rules: We really have one rule: Be good to each other. We don’t work on a rule system. There are actions that represent the type of person we accept and there are actions that don’t. If you find that you’re attacking people randomly, turning to banditry, and just generally being offensive you may find yourself removed. At the same time we’re pretty comfortable with obscene humor and bad language. If something comes across as offensive but wasn’t intended to be don’t worry about it. We care less about being PC and more about being supportive when it matters. Really we’re just here to have fun, so let’s do that.

Joining The Magistry: The best way to secure a spot in the Magistry is to send me an email at or to introduce yourself on the forums and leave a note as to what you are looking for from a guild.

Mumble Usage: We have a permanent mumble server that will be used for our in-game endeavors. Usage is optional and the server/login information can be found in the members section of our forums.