Religious Outlook

On this page you’ll find information that should be able to tell you quite a bit more about the general religious outlook of the Magistry and its people. In better knowing how we view the core pantheon of Golarion, you can get a good idea as to the character of our people. In fact this page is quite possibly the best place to “get to know us” as we’ll go into detail on our viewpoint of all the various aspects of the gods which should in turn cover all the various aspects of life itself. These viewpoints are not universal among our membership nor a requirement, they are just the foundation upon which the guild was formed.

So far this page only contains our view on the core pantheon of Golarion, but other deities may be added down the line if they are deemed relevant. For instance Gyronna and Hanspur are prominent in the river kingdoms per Golarion canon, but will not be added until we know if they are relevant in Pathfinder Online.  


Holy Symbol of Abadar

Abadar (Lawful Neutral)

God of cities, law, merchants, and wealth.

Aligned Viewpoints: Building strong cities and a sustainable community is a primary and continuous goal of the Magistry. As such, the god of cities naturally has it’s place among our membership and settlement development. We are aligned with Abadar in our interests of protection and productivity for our community. Abadar teaches that patience and good city planning makes all the difference, and we’ve no intention of dismissing those teachings any time soon.

Opposed Viewpoints: Though not directly opposition to his viewpoints it is worth noting that we are not as willing to acquiesce to evil as the deity himself. Our interests go towards fostering a society of good, and not necessarily greedy, community members. While we are more inclined to follow laws than live in chaos there are some laws that will never sit well with us such as in those lands where slavery is condoned and slaves are legal tender.


Asmodeus (Lawful Evil)

God of contracts, pride, slavery, and tyranny

Aligned Viewpoints: There are almost no cases where our interest align with those of Asmodeus and his servant Asmodeans. A devil may make a good short term ally against a demon, but I still wouldn’t fight with my back to them.

Opposed Viewpoints: We oppose nearly everything about Asmodeus, including his core concepts. We defy tyranny and abhor slavery and so you are never likely to see a shrine to Asmoedus in a Magistry run settlement.


Calistria (Chaotic Neutral)

Goddess of lust, revenge and trickery.

Aligned Viewpoints: We understand that this is the river kingdoms where prostitution is as much a way of life as anything else and have no interest in changing that. While we can surely appreciate the positive effect the lustful worshipers of Calistria can have on community morale we are wary of the discontent her other areas of interest can bring about.

Opposed Viewpoints: Calistria may have her reasons to enjoy revenge and trickery as much as she does, but we do our best to rout these elements of her influence as quickly as possible. Followers of Calistria in Magistry run or heavily influenced settlements would do better to ignore these aspects of their goddess.


Cayden Cailean (Chaotic Good)

God of bravery, ale, freedom and wine.

Aligned Viewpoints: The Magistry stands for freedom and fights alongside many of the same causes as Cayden’s warriors. As residents of the river kingdoms we of course will fight to maintain the freedom of all people.

Opposed Viewpoints: Cayden may fight for the right causes but his worshipers are often brash in action when doing so. Members of the Magistry that worship Cayden Cailean should always consider how their actions will affect the community first. They need to know when being brave just for the sake of being brave is doing more harm than good.


Desna (Chaotic Good)

God of dreams, luck, stars and travelers.

Aligned Viewpoints: Will fill in later

Opposed Viewpoints: Will fill in later


Erastil (Lawful Good)

God of family, farming, hunting and trade.

Aligned Viewpoints: Will fill in later

Opposed Viewpoints: Will fill in later


Gorum (Chaotic Neutral)

God of battle, strength, and weapons.

Aligned Viewpoints: Will fill in later

Opposed Viewpoints: Will fill in later


Gozreh (True Neutral)

God of nature, the sea, and weather.

Aligned Viewpoints: Will fill in later

Opposed Viewpoints: Will fill in later


Iomedae (Lawful Good)

God of honor, justice, rulership, and valor.

Aligned Viewpoints: Will fill in later

Opposed Viewpoints: Will fill in later


Irori (Lawful Neutral)

God of history, knowledge and self-perfection.

Aligned Viewpoints: Will fill in later

Opposed Viewpoints: Will fill in later


Lamashtu (Chaotic Evil)

Goddess of madness, monsters, and nightmares.

Aligned Viewpoints: None.

Opposed Viewpoints: We oppose the mother of monsters and everything she stands for.


Nethys (True Neutral)

God of magic.

Aligned Viewpoints: Will fill in later

Opposed Viewpoints: Will fill in later


Norgorber (Neutral Evil)

God of greed, murder, poison, and secrets.

Aligned Viewpoints: Like many of the evil gods, you’ll find very little that we the Magistry agree with in this deity’s portfolio of concerns. Norgorber’s ability to keep secrets is admirable, as is that of his followers, but all too often these secrets are kept at a cost to the innocent.

Opposed Viewpoints: Murder, poison, greed and even some secrets are all a danger to a healthy community and as such enemies of our company and its causes. We will fight against agents of Norgorber in the river kingdoms and do what we can to keep its people unsullied by their influence.

Pharasma (True Neutral)

Goddess of birth, death, fate and prophecy.

Aligned Viewpoints: Will fill in later.

Opposed Viewpoints: Will fill in later.


Rovagug (Chaotic Evil)

God of destruction, disaster, and wrath.

Aligned Viewpoints: None. (Okay, maybe a touch of wrath, but always for a good cause)

Opposed Viewpoints: We oppose nearly everything about Rovagug and his followers.


Sarenrae (Neutral Good)

Goddes of healing, honesty, redemption and the sun.

Aligned Viewpoints: Healing and honesty are core aspects of our community, as well as our appreciation for the redeemed. Servants of Sarenrae are often welcomes wholeheartedly within our ranks.

Opposed Viewpoints: While most followers of Sarenrae fit almost perfectly among our ranks there are those fanatics, such as many of the cult of the dawnflower, that have twisted her teachings or obsessed over the wrong areas of concern.


Shelyn (Neutral Good)

Goddes of art, beauty, love and music.

Aligned Viewpoints: Shelyn is an ideal deity within the Magistry. This is not to imply that we lack interest in battle or the will to fight but precisely the opposite; Shelyn represents all of the things worth fighting for.

Opposed Viewpoints: While we have no opposed viewpoints with Shelyn we do believe that unity and family are more important than any aesthetic experience.


Torag (Lawful Good)

God of forges, protection and strategy.

Aligned Viewpoints: The Magistry honors all elements of  Torag’s portfolio and his followers are a welcome addition among our ranks.

Opposed Viewpoints: While we have no opposed viewpoints with Torag, we attempt to treat all crafts with the seriousness and dedication his followers bring to the forge.


Urgathoa (Neutral Evil)

God of disease, gluttony and undeath.

Aligned Viewpoints: We oppose Urgathoa and everything he stands for. 

Opposed Viewpoints: We’ve yet to find any redeemable qualities of the god of undeath. His minions are our enemies and those who worship him are not welcome among our ranks.  


Zon-Kuthon (Lawful Evil)

God of darkness, envy, loss and pain.

Aligned Viewpoints: The agents of Zon-Kuthon are often so because of loss experienced and even great tragedies. Though we do not agree with the god’s portfolio, his worshipers may yet be redeemable. Devotees of Zon-Kuthon may be welcome among our ranks so long as they are not evil and avoid inflicting their masochistic tendencies upon other members. 

Opposed Viewpoints: When the agents of pain bring their sights on the un-wanting we’ll quickly rise up to put down the threat.